Dr Jordan Tishler
Dr. Jordan Tishler
Dr. Jordan Tishler Dr. Tishler is a leading expert in the field of Medical Cannabis therapeutics.  As an Emergency Physician, he has treated countless alcoholics and drug users. His observation that he had never seen a Cannabis overdose lead Dr. Tishler to delve deeply into the science of Cannabis safety and treatment.  After years of…
Gina Berman MD on The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show hosted by Snowden Bishop
Dr. Gina Berman
Dr. Gina Berman Dr. Berman earned her doctorate degree from Georgetown University and is Board-certified in addiction and emergency medicine. For 10 years as an E.R. physician at a Phoenix-area hospital, Dr. Gina Berman witnessed the devastating impact of the opiate crisis first hand. She had left institutional medicine to follow her passion for alternative therapies when she…
Dr. Bryan Doner
Bryan Doner, M.D.
Bryan Doner, M.D. Dr. Bryan Doner joined us in 2016 as the voice of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show’s Medical Marijuana Minute. He is an attending Emergency Physician in the E.R. of Armstrong County Memorial Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, where he is also Co-Director of the Wound & Hyperbaric Center, Medical Director of the Primary Stroke…
Parisa Rad
Parisa Rad

Born in Moscow, Idaho and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Parisa Rad graduated honors from New Mexico State University where her studies focused around business and marketing. She became highly involved in her community working on a congressional race prior to graduating. During her time in New Mexico, she devoted much of her time raising thousands of…

Christian Nolan, VP Technology
Christian Nolan

Christian Nolan joined the BEAM Global Media team in February 2014 as Consulting Director of Information Systems to develop and oversee online components of the first-ever live streaming broadcast of the three-day Life is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas. Today, he serves as Vice President of Information Technology and Web Design and has recently become…

Star Simmons, Publisher of The Cannabis Reporter
Star Simmons | Publisher

Star Simmons has more than 25 years of experience as a business leader. Her professional career began in 1988 when she was hired to work in the accounting department by Precision Payroll, a publicly held payroll processing company in Los Angeles. With a strong work effort and will to succeed, in just two years she was…

Snowden Bishop | Editor In Chief and Host of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show
Snowden Bishop

Snowden Bishop is Editor-In-Chief and Host of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show, the first and only all-cannabis radio show to be syndicated nationwide.